About Us

Who we are

Just-Health is an umbrella organisation for a number of local Community services.

We aim to provide our services in Burnley, Nelson, Accrington, Blackburn, Colne, Rawtenstall, and Bury.

We cover mainly East Lancashire but have clients all over the UK including Manchester, Scotland and even as far as London!

Our aims are to

  1. Provide an efficient professional service
  2. Provide a confidential service
  3. Provide accurate medicals and information about your medical conditions
  4. Offer a fast service for medical reports
  5. Protect your personal data
  6. Advise you when you need to see your regular doctor

Meet the Doctor

Dr Sohail Ansar (MPharm (Hons) MBChB DRCOG MRCGP) is one of few individuals in the UK, who possess a dual qualification as a qualified doctor and a Pharmacist. After receiving a First class honours degree from the University of Manchester in 2002 he worked as a Community Pharmacist, with a specialist interest in natural remedies, homeopathy and herbal remedies.

In 2005 he pursued a career in Medicine at the University of Leicester, College of Medicine. Shortly after qualifying as a doctor, he moved to the northwest where he qualified as a GP. He has specialist training and interest in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Diabetes, Medicines Management, Minor surgery such as circumcisions and Joint injections.

Whilst working in General Practice he found that patients often try alternative therapies either alongside mainstream medicine or before seeking advice from the clinician. In response, he decided to offer Cupping therapy as a form of complementary medicine. He has been offering Wet and Dry Cupping to patients since 2014 and is a fully Certified Hijama Practitioner. He offers all patients an initial consultation and then performs or supervises the cupping therapy. To supplement these services Dr Ansar now also offers medico-legal work.

What does Dr Sohail Ansar say about Cupping?

"I've been offering Cupping in my practice for a number of years now. I’ve used it therapeutically to treat almost any Musculoskeletal injury from repetitive strain injuries to myofascial restrictions unrelated to injury. I’m surprisingly pleased with how many of my patients including athletes are asking for repeat treatments. I also offer cupping as a form of preventative therapy to patients mainly for religious reason or for Sunnah. It is an ideal detox and has many possible benefits.

My treatment practice has grown immensely, it’s the "new" treatment for sportsmen and weekend gladiators. As a qualified clinician I am committed to providing a safe and efficient service incorporating new ways of delivering alternative therapy. "